Compositing Reel 2014

CompositingReel 2014 from Junghwa Micaela Hong on Vimeo.

Compositing work from my senior year at Otis College of Art and Design.

Music: Tantsui - Beautiful Day (Dub)

00:03 - CG Balloons
- shot footage and HDRI
- modeled, textured balloons
- comped 3D elements in a footage, and stock footage (particles Dust Space)

00:12 - CG Balloon Dog
- shot footage and HDRI
- modeled, animated, textured balloon dog
- comped 3D element in a footage, and color corrected.

00:21 - Campbell Soup
- shot footage
- planar tracked, comped 2D element

00:24 - Futuristic City
- shot from a advanced visual effects class
- matte painting by Sung Choi
- tracked background footage, keyed, comped